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The Commercial Construction Company Can Seamlessly Install a Stunning Landscape

Have you decided to install a magnificent landscape? Do you want to add a unique feature to your property? Or do you need help designing and creating your dream lawn? If you want a flawless result, you should consider turning to NI Outdoor Construction for the job. We are a reliable commercial construction company in Providence, RI that delivers to the highest standards. We can help you install a gorgeous landscape on your property.

Why you should book our service:

Detailed Planning and Preparation

After we discuss your needs, wants, and preferences for the landscape, we will produce an impeccable outline or sketch of your ideal layout. There will be no stone left unturned because we will also include an outline for the features, the hardscape, and the flowers, shrubs, and trees you want to add to your garden. After that, we will prepare the site properly and make sure it is safe to begin the excavation process.

Exemplary Landscape Installation

After planning and preparation are complete, we will begin the installation process. First, we will mark out the location of the new features and hardscape elements. Then, we will begin clearing the area and make holes for the poles, wiring, piping, and ducts. After that, we will start building the retaining walls, patios, steps, walkways, and other elements of your landscape. We’ll connect the features and hardscape features, add the finishing touches, and place the flowers, shrubs, trees, and grass. After we add the soil, we will water the new flowers and let everything settle. You will enjoy a gorgeous lawn after the service is complete.

The commercial construction company you are looking for is NI Outdoor Construction. You can depend on our team in Providence, RI for a job done beautifully. Just call (401) 266-2156 for bookings and more details about our services.